5 Reasons Pre-tied Wraps are Better Than Your Average Headwrap

So, you you came across our pre-tied headwraps, and thought "man, what a dope idea! I hate all the fuss of tying my wraps. This will be a time-saver for sure!" But what is really the difference between a YGN Wrap and  your average dollar store scarf? Let's count 'em down!

5. They  Look Great - Every Single Time

 I know I'm not the only one that tried out one of the tutorials for the  gorgeously wrapped ladies of YouTube, only to end up with a big sad, floppy bow or an awkward bun on my forehead! With YGN, your wrap will look regal and perfect every single time.

4. They protect your tresses

You may not have realized that your average scarf can be harsh on your hair, causing split ends, drying, and breakage! YGN Wraps are Satin Lined - promoting retained moisture, healthy hair, and length retention!

3. They save you time

Just slip it on and go. It doesn't get any simpler!

2. They stay put all day

These wraps are hand sewn and made with an elastic band for a secure comfort fit. No need to worry about it slipping out of place throughout the day!

1. They're Fabulous!

With eight great styles and even more print and color options, there's plenty of slayage to choose from!

****Bonus reason - they all ship ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Check out the full collection here. Happy Shopping!