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3 Protective Styling Hacks for the Busy Natural

Let's face it. We love our natural hair.It can be fun, and fancy, and a great way to express our sense of style, but sometimes we just have to tuck it away. Whether it be to protect it from the harsh elements, to give it a rest from over manipulation, or just because we don't have time to style it. Here are three protective styling hacks that will save you time (and headaches) in tucking those strands away.

U Part Wigs - 

I personally love upart wigs, just because it's so easy to look great in a crunch. Just slip it on and leave out a bit around the edges and you're good to go! Big Chop Hair sells a great UPart Unit that doesn't break the bank!

Source: HergivenHair

Headwraps and Turbans - 

A great way way to accessorize and protect your hair at the same time is to use beautiful fabrics to cover your hair. You could either tie them yourself, or buy pre-tied headwraps that you can just slip on and go. You Go Natural sells a beautiful collection of pre-tied headwraps in amazing prints. Grab a few and you can have that hair tucked away for weeks!

Satin Lined Accessories - 

There are many new options popping up for satin lined knit hats and beanies.Satin Lined Caps has really been getting lots of attention for being an easy casual look that really protects your hair from the elements. 



Overall, protective styling doesn't have to mean sore arms and hours of styling. Just find a stylish way to cover it up and go!